About Us
Zhejiang YaoFi Bio-tech.CO.,LTD. is specializing in R&D,production and salesfor food additive and feed additive. YaoFi is located in Deqing Economic development Zone near Moganshan . YAOFI has two production bases.One is for food additive that the main productions are L-Glutathione,Beta-Glucan and essential trace element Enriched Yeast (such as Selenium?Zinc?Chromium?Iron?Cooper and so on).The other one is for feed additive, the main productions are Chromium Pico Linate?Betaine?Zoalene?Arsenic Acid?Roxarsone?Sodium Butyrate. Furthermore,We have 4 US FDA certifications. We set up a high-tech R&D team whichincludes Professors with PhDs and foreign experts to ensure quality, perfection and efficiency in production of our products and services .We also established a longterm cooperation with Zhejiang University,Zhejiang??university of Technology, and Chinese Academy of Sciences. So we will continue to adhere to the scientific and technological innovation, continuous development of new products and service to domestic and overseas food additives and feed additive industry.
Products and services
Human Nutrition,Cosmetics Active ingredients,Feed Additive,Food Additive